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The Chillington Group is engaged in the business of energy trading and has global market coverage through its network of offices around the world.  

Chillington is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with the principal trading support centre in London, England.  It is registered in the Seychelles and is wholly owned by its directors and management.  

The Group currently employs around 100 people spread between its various offices around the world.  Through its staff, agents and associates the Company is capable of managing in-house every aspect of trading from trade negotiations, structured financing and risk management to physical movement of cargoes, storage and distribution.  

The Group currently engages in trade in its own right as a principal and also in joint venture collaborations with strategic partners.  

The primary businesses of Chillington continue to be:

- The worldwide physical trading of crude oils, condensates and refined products.  

- Pre-financing of oil production and processing.  

- Structuring and execution of hedging transactions.  

The Chillington client and counterparty list includes most of the recognised participants in the oil and energy industries.  The trading book is funded in association with a limited number of first class international banks.  

In 1989, John Fox set up F & K Oil with others.  In 1997 it became apparent that F & K Oil would fare much better within ACC Group Holdings where it would benefit from the greater financial strengths and group resources available; and its name and registration was changed to ACC International (Seychelles) Limited.  Subsequently a major division of ACC International was sold off and the remaining divisions were subsumed into it sister company, Chillington Associates Ltd, which continues today in the same oil trading tradition.  

Chillington Oil concentrates on sales of distillates, fuel oil and bunkering fuel into sub-Saharan Africa.  It also trades gasoline, kerosene and other refined products as and when required, as well as the occasional crude shipment, and has developed interests and opportunities beyond its core business as an oil trader.  However, it has limited its diversification to areas having some synergy with oil and energy trading.  

Chillington Oil is, in essence, a specialised niche energy trading company and a provider of associated services.  

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