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Chillington's primary trading businesses are the supply and offtake of crude oil, petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).  

Chillington has also recently expanded its operations to set up a Cement Trading Desk, as well as an Iron Ore Desk, with active support from its affiliates and partners in China, India and South Africa.  

Further, through our sister company, Diversified Resources, we consider investment opportunities and funding operations of various projects, mainly related to the hydrocarbon sector.  

Our trading philosophy is customer driven, not speculative.  It aims at creating value for its customers by providing comprehensive supply or offtake solutions including trading, financing, hedging and logistical support, at terms more competitive for its customers than could be achieved without reference to the international market.  It frequently forms strategic alliances with local partners in order to understand fully the local dimensions of a particular market, and invests in transportation and infrastructure assets to decrease costs and improve supply flexibility and efficiency.  Chillington works with its customers and suppliers to minimise their commodity price exposure wherever possible so that they can be assured of a stable margin from their businesses and avoid speculative risk.  

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