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Chillington aligns performance with a partnership structure.  A central management oversees highly devolved decision making and empowers those individuals who combine commodity experience with the ability to enhance the potential of Chillington's role in the global marketplace.  Our people manage both near and long-term issues by profitably addressing potential global business challenges before they emerge.  

The fact that management risks their own capital motivates them to take a long-term view of the overall performance and to protect the capital of the Company.  Consistent profitability, the long-term tenure of our senior management and our prudent approach to managing risk are direct results of our management ownership structure.  

As a major participant in the global flow of natural resources we use our worldwide network of relationships with both producers and consumers, together with our own industrial production knowledge, in order to take advantage of pricing differences in regions where a supply and demand imbalance exists.  Our commercial partners recognise the value of such experience and most of our relationships with them have been developed over many years.  Our professional teams in the Trading, Sales and Marketing, Logistics and Shipping, Administration, Legal and Compliance, banking, and Finance departments are the core of our growth and performance.  

Throughout our businesses are examples of production assets whose potential has been recognised as a result of our long-standing commercial relationships and where we have directed our significant financial resources to develop future revenue streams as a result of prudent capital expenditure and tight cost control.  

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