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Chillington's petroleum related activities are conducted through its offices in Geneva, London, Johannesburg, Cameroon, Ghana, Mozambique and through its network of branch offices and agencies in China, Ecuador, Germany, India, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, UAE and the USA.  

The product range covers the full spectrum from crude oil refinery feedstocks to refined products, including base oils, bunker fuels, fuel oils, gasoil, kerosene/jet fuel, marine gasoil and diesel, mogas, and naphtha.  The Group is a global trader, primarily active in physical oil trading including transportation by vessel, pipeline, railcar and truck, and is correspondingly active in the futures, swaps and option markets in order to manage the large price volatility existing in these markets.  

Oil Trading falls into two completely different operations within the same division.  

CHILLINGTON OIL has a specialist distillates, fuel oils and white products trading and sourcing service, with particular emphasis on the supply to Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa.  This is managed out of its Geneva, Switzerland, office.  

CHILLINGTON ASSOCIATES secondary contract and off market purchase and supply side is handled from it London office.  

In addition to the direct supply and trading business, the Group has refinery processing agreements and is involved in downstream activities including storage and marketing.  

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