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Chillington is focused on the sourcing and marketing of Energy Products, Steel Industry Raw Materials and Cement.  We consider investment opportunities where:

our existing participation in the marketing of commodities provides expert insight

we view continuing participation in industrial assets as an important feature of our long-term strategy

we can adopt a market leadership view in respect of future capital investment

We continue to pursue selective strategic alliances with third parties and aim to create value through our alliances over long-time horizons.  We continue to support the investment requirements as these businesses expand where they meet our internal criteria.  

Through our sister company Diversified Resources, we also consider equity participation for cash infusion on ongoing businesses or Greenfield projects.  Each investment opportunity in an industrial asset is evaluated on a stand-alone basis.  Additionally, new ventures are examined for their potential to benefit from Chillington's approach to achieving critical mass in the relevant market and to support our corporate philosophy of establishing long-term relationships with trading partners, financial institutions and governments.  

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